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X-ray of the cat’s abdomen
and thorax

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This is a X-ray of the abdomen (right) en the thorax (left)
of a cat. These are the organs:

1 = vertebral colomn

2 = pelvis

3 = femur

4 = caudal vertebrae (bones of the tail)

5 = thorax with ribs and lungs

6 = trachea

7 = heart

8 = diaphragm

9 = liver

10 = stomach

11 = intestines

12 = kidney

13 = bladder

14 = sternum

What are

X-rays are a form of
electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength in the
range of 10 to 0.01 nanometres, corresponding to
frequencies in the range 30 to 30 000 PHz (1015
hertz). X-rays are primarily used for diagnostic
radiography and crystallography. X-rays are a form of
ionizing radiation and as such can be dangerous. In
many languages it is called Röntgen radiation after
the investigator of the radiation, Wilhelm Röntgen.

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